Course Description

Our school offers several course options.

Intensive course

The duration of the course is one month. This is the minimum time required to make a high-end instrument.

During this time, students get acquainted with the methods of guitar construction, the basics of acoustics and instrument tuning.

Each action is performed under the careful supervision of the teacher. As a result, you are guaranteed to receive a high-level instrument and an official сertificate of completion at the end of the course. The cost of such musical instrument on the market is much higher than the costs you will have incurred.

Usually, the school conducts three intensive courses a year, the number of places on each course is limited.

The training takes place according to the following schedule:

  • Monday – Friday from 9-00 till 20-00, break from 14-00 till 17-00
  • Saturday from 9-00 till 14-00,
  • Sunday is a day off.

Courses on an ongoing basis

This option is suitable for those who reside permanently in Granada or nearby and have the opportunity to visit the workshop 1-3 times a week. The fee is charged based on study hours.

The workshop

Our workshop is perfectly equipped with everything necessary for training (an individual set of instruments for each student, their own workbench, guitar plans, templates and tools for work).

The wood is carefully selected for each student. In our school we use the highest-quality long-term seasoned dry material, which provides each instrument with a first-class sound and longevity. Spruce and red Canadian cedar are used for the top deck. As for the back decks, we use various kinds of rosewood (Indian, Madagascar, etc.), maple, and cypress for flamenco guitars.

There is a break room in the workshop. Here you can hold conferences and meetings, have beverages and food etc. There is a refrigerator, a microwave, a kettle for small breaks, as well as working Wi-Fi.

The workshop is conveniently located in the historical part of the city. Over the course of the training, you can get acquainted with the sights of Granada, visit the famous Alhambra Palace, take a walk in the mountains of Sierra Nevada National Park and the coast of Spain, which is only 60 km away from the city. You can spend your summer vacation creatively in the historically significant cultural center of Spain during peak tourist season, in one of the most attractive resort locations in Andalusia.