Pavel Gavryushov

The leader and teacher of the course is a guitar maker with 20 years of professional experience, Pavel Gavryushov, founder of the Guitar Making School in Granada .

This guitar maker’s instruments are distributed by the world’s leading guitar dealers.

Guitar Salon International (USA),

Elcoda (Germany).

Pavel Gavryushov’s instruments have been presented at many international exhibitions and have been highly acclaimed by world-class guitarists.


Aniello Desiderio

“Well I am so happy to say that I just got a new guitar made by Pavel Gavryushov which is really amazing with, how can I say… With a real sound of the guitar. So it’s not double top. It has nylon strings, and I got an emotion really of the old sound of the guitar, but with a lot of power and a lot of projection of the sound. And it’s absolutely new so I guess that to play and to use this guitar in the next months, in the next years, which will get better and better, will be absolutely a pleasure. So I really thank you, Pavel, and I wish all of you to see me in a concert with this guitar. Thank you very much.”

Roland Dyens

One can see that i like this guitar. I did not want to put it down, i wanted to play longer as usual…It’s easy to play- there is a great ballance between all the ranges. The sound is faboulous – very clear and warm, i call it “baby sound”.