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Brand: Pavel Gavryushov

Sturgeon glue is produced from the swim bladders of sturgeon fish (sturgeon, beluga, sterlet). Over several centuries, it has proven itself to be very durable and reliable. The glue is absolutely natural, without any harmful chemical compounds or a strong (sharp) smell inherent in all modern adhesives. All of this makes sturgeon glue simply irreplaceable for restorers and makers of musical instruments.

Sturgeon glue has unique properties. It firmly connects natural materials, such as wood or bone. Sturgeon glue is used for restoration of paintings, unique furniture, as well as manufacture of musical instruments. For instance, Russian icon restorers consider sturgeon glue best suited for their purposes.

It is the most valuable of all fish-derived glues, as it has higher adhesive quality, as well as durability. But what’s even more important is its reversibility, an important property for restoration work. Also, the using sturgeon glue eliminates the likelihood of streaks on the restored items. Since this glue is a completely transparent, colorless substance, the glued parts will remain discreet and unnoticeable. There is another important advantage to using sturgeon glue. It does not darken over time.

To prepare sturgeon glue, it is soaked for several hours in cold water. Then, it is cooked over low heat in a double boiler. After that, it is filtered to remove any residual inconsistencies.
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