​Fish glue Hermann Sachse 250 ml

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The fish glue from Hermann Sachse consists of protein-containing raw materials gained from Canadian fish by glutindecomposition. This results in a purely biological natural productfor versatile use. The fish glue is ideally suitable for gluing ofvarious materials: wood, glass on glass, metals, and paper. Toachieve clean edges after having applied the glue, you can easilyremove excessive glue with warm water. The fish glue is aready-to-use gel-like liquid with a high adhesive capacity.Its colour hues range from beige to transparent. The bond canbe easily unglued with a steam iron. Store the glue at roomtemperature.

Use the fish glue from Hermann Sachse in a cold and liquidcondition. Apply the glue with a brush or a syringe, so that theadhesive surface is evenly covered with the glue.
The open time is approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Thus,theadhesive surfaces can be easily aligned. Press the adhesivesurfaces together for approximately 12 hours. After about 24 hoursthe adhesive surface may be exposed to loads. This fish glue bindsand hardens very well, so that you can also glue sanded andlacquered surfaces.
Additional Information
Do not pure glue from Hermann Sachse into sewage systems! Thefish glue is solvent-free and can be washed off with warm water.To make the glue more liquid, you can put it on a radiator or into awater bath. Store the product in a cool and dry place. Do notexpose to direct sunlight! Keep tightly closed in order to preventdehydration.
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